Take a look at some of the shootings / behind the scenes took place at Noobpro Studio, and the fine work of our fellow photographers.

Shot on iPhone: Converse All Star | Noobpro Studio

Shot on iPhone: Converse All Star

Prouct: Converse All Star / Camera: iPhone 6s / Lighting: Fotodiox LED200WA LED / Background: Lastolite Urban 5'x7' Red Brick

Red wine bottle photography | Noobpro Studio

Red wine bottle photography

Marilyn Merlot 1999 on black background

Fashion shoot behind the scenes | Noobpro Studio

Fashion shoot behind the scenes

Behind the scenes with Snacku by Yoshimi House

Like a Boss | Noobpro Studio

Like a Boss

Model: Alan / Photographer: Danny Wong

Penxo | Noobpro Studio


Penxo: award winning minimalist 2mm lead holder pencil designed by Brian Tong / Photo by Danny Wong

David Wallerstein | Noobpro Studio

David Wallerstein

David Wallerstein, Chief eXploration Officer (CXO) and Senior Executive Vice President of / Photo by Danny Wong

Brian Tong | Noobpro Studio

Brian Tong

Award winning product designer Brian Tong / Photo by Danny Wong

Crystal | Noobpro Studio


Family / maternity photography by Pam Borrelli

snacku | Noobpro Studio


Snacku jackets. Designed by Yoshimi House / Photos by Taylor Reyes

6thfinger | Noobpro Studio


The world's first helping electric device mimics the tapping & turning motion of a human finger to interact with capacitive touchscreen devices. Learn more on 6thfinger / photo by Danny Wong

Sophie | Noobpro Studio


Photo by Danny Wong

Cher | Noobpro Studio


Model: Victoria / Photo by Pam Borrelli / Pam Borrelli Photography

Portrait by Pam | Noobpro Studio

Portrait by Pam

Model: Danny Wong / Photo by Pam Borrelli / Pam Borrelli Photography

Angelo Gepiga | Noobpro Studio

Angelo Gepiga

Radio Host, on camera talent and Director Angelo Gepiga, producer of HIDDEN GEMS. Photo by Danny Wong (Special thanks to Vince Media)

Margaretti | Noobpro Studio


Unique designer jewelry by Margaretti / photo by Danny Wong

Carrie and Alan | Noobpro Studio

Carrie and Alan

Wedding portrait of Carrie and Alan / photo by Danny Wong

IDGVF / Mentality Flow Clothing | Noobpro Studio

IDGVF / Mentality Flow Clothing

Photo by Kayla de Guzman 'KDG'

JF Photography | Noobpro Studio

JF Photography

Photo by Jayla Fung

Rose | Noobpro Studio


Rose / Photo by Danny Wong

The dude with the dragon tattoo | Noobpro Studio

The dude with the dragon tattoo

Johnny Brown / Photo by Danny Wong

Patrice Fischer | Noobpro Studio

Patrice Fischer

CandyLipz commercial behind the scenes (Thanks to Patrice Fischer and GG Connections)

Holly & Wayne | Noobpro Studio

Holly & Wayne

Holly & Wayne being happy with their engagement photo shoot

Little Ian | Noobpro Studio

Little Ian

Six month old baby Ian and his toy. Photo by Danny Wong

Derrick Leung | Noobpro Studio

Derrick Leung

Derrick Leung and his product photography setup

Baby | Noobpro Studio


Baby photography by Danny Wong

Trendy Blendy | Noobpro Studio

Trendy Blendy

Sandy Chang and her team working on their photo shoot of Loft Artist Halter Top

Engagement Fun | Noobpro Studio

Engagement Fun

Irene & David having fun with their pre-wedding photo shoot / Photo by Danny Wong

Ashlyn | Noobpro Studio


Ashlyn / Photo by Danny Wong

CandyLipz | Noobpro Studio


Behind the scenes of CandyLipz infomercial (GG Connections)

Product Photography | Noobpro Studio

Product Photography

Derrick shooting products using 48 in. photo soft box light tent

Mr. Brown | Noobpro Studio

Mr. Brown

Johnny and his cool tattoo. Photo by Danny Wong

Incredibeard | Noobpro Studio


Portrait of Isaiah Webb, a.k.a. Incredibeard by Anthony Cruz

American Fistfight | Noobpro Studio

American Fistfight

Jon Fischer working with Erin and Jessica on the material for his project, a interactive, robot-controlled slide show "American Fistfight". Visit Jon's vimeo channel and for more.

Herin the stylist | Noobpro Studio

Herin the stylist

Herin is busy preparing the summer photo shoot of

Irene & David | Noobpro Studio

Irene & David

Irene & David in their pre-wedding photo shoot

Slava & Allison | Noobpro Studio

Slava & Allison

Photographer Slava Blazer and model Allison Ekevara

Greg | Noobpro Studio


Portrait of model Greg Flowers by Anthony Cruz

Headshot by Oscar | Noobpro Studio

Headshot by Oscar

Oscar De La Villa has workd his magic on Michael

Jjandge Goods | Noobpro Studio

Jjandge Goods

Jessi shooting products of Jjandge Goods

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